Hair Care in Bangalore – Price, Treatment and Result

Hair loss is a major issue that concerns a lot of people around the world. Our top hair specialists are here for your hair care in Bangalore. Some people face baldness due to family history and other due to recent health issue, stress or unhealthy eating and lazy routine and many more. Whatever is a reason, but nobody can disagree that losing hair is not good in any way because out of 10, 9 people look very bad without hair. Seeking early hair treatment is very neccessary because earlier you become better it will be.

Idha clinic Best hair care in bangalore provides you top quality natural hair growth. They provide you treatment according to your genetics, and they have a long history of successful cases. They are top hair specialist in Bangalore because they provide totally natural 100 per non-surgical treatment.

What is Hair loss?

Hair loss is a common condition when you start losing hair, or start losing hair volume and your scalp getting prominent due to many reasons. Some people also have premature balding in men and women in their early 20s. The medical term for baldness is alopecia. Hair loss happen due to hormonal change, stress, bad daily routine and many other reasons. The answer to your problem is to treat it as early as possible with proper hair treatment. If you are Hair care in bangalore then you are right place.

What is The Best Way to Treat a Hair Loss?

Experienced dermatologist at Idha clinic provide near perfection treatment to diagnose you from hair loss for long time results. During the consultation, maybe they perform small trichoscopy to get all details about genetics and your hair type to provide you best hair in bangalore. Their hair specialist in Bangalore will try to find out major reason of your baldness to provide you best hair care treatment.

Our team of dermatologists will access your medical history and provide you custom treatment according to your need. They will tell how many sessions do you need for best hair care treatment.

How Do We Diagnose Hair Loss:

We provide consultation in simple four steps

  • Our experienced dermatologist access the condition of your scalp and volume of hair you lose.
  • Medical Expert perform Trichoscopy for better scalp and hair conditions.
  • Details audit of your family hair loss history and medical issues you and your family had in the past.
  • Customized hair treatment plan with 100 per guaranteed result.

What Treatment Options Are Available at Idha Hair Care In Bangalore:

Best hair care in Bangalore provide the best hair treatment for both men and women. If you’re looking for best dermatologist near you, then trust on most experienced and expert dermatologist at Idha clinic for the best result. They specialised in providing these best stand-alone treatment or some of them work with some other small treatments.

Personalized Medical treatment: Our medical expert with provide you customized diet and some medicine to treat your hair from mild to medium condition. If you have a more damage than medium, then you need to go with other treatments.

Dietary Treatment: If you lose hair due to calorie deficit problem then our hair expert doctors with provide you custom diet, and it will help you with your hair loss.

Oral medication: Idha’s top hair care doctors in Bangalore may suggest oral medications such as Finasteride to save you from balding or may be delay it.

Topical Medication: Our medical expert may suggest topical medication to save you from baldness and may be growth of hair.

Specialized Injections: Our dermatologist administer specialized injections to cure specific hair loss conditions like alopecia area ta that occur due to autoimmune disorders.